Managing Director


Arnie Williams is the founder of Stryker Security and co-founder of Stallion Security. He has over 20 years experience in mulitple facets of security including Crowd Management, Even Security, VIP Detail, Armed Escorts, Security Technology, Forensics Investigations, Private Investigations and other. Arnie has spent time and nurtred relationships with the giant security company S.O.T. in Sofia Bulgaria.


Executive Member


Bongi Njamela has recently joined Stryker Security Projects. Prior to joining , she was a Chief Executive Officer of a construction, security, and waste management company. She has been Chief Executive 2 of the biggest security companies in Gauteng. Bongi has over 18 years’ experience in the financial industry, having worked for 3 of the major big 4 banks. Her role is to mentor and coach businesses to achieve sustainability. Together with her financial and project management background, she can implement turnaround strategies for businesses that are in financial distress or entrepreneurs that need support on financial management. She can implement systems and processes that manage risk and identify where businesses need to implement change.


Chief Financial Officer


Tracy is currently the chairlady of the South African Council for Business Woman (SACBW), a post that she gained in 2015. She comes from a legal background working with tracing systems and has valuable experience on various leading tracing systems. Prior to joining Stryker Security in 2012, Tracy worked for DP du Plessis Inc, Prue Leith College of Food & Wine as Bredells Attorneys between 2005 and 2007 in South Africa.