Stryker’s Tactical Security offers a variety of services that require heightened and acutely honed skillsets and tactics that fight crime effectively and decisively.

VIP Tactical Security


Our protection Officers are accredited with the IBA (International Body guarding Association) and Stryker Security Projects has an unblemished record spanning all the way back to 1994. We also have a VIP protection fleet of high end luxury cars at the disposal of all our high end clientele.

We have supplied Officers to Joan Collins, Westlife, 50 Cent, JA Rule, Ronan Keating, Dana Winner and others within the entertainment industry. We provide the following:

  • Trained Accredited Experienced Offices
  • Armed Escorts
  • Executive Protection
  • Unmarked Luxury Vehicles
  • Branded Luxury Vehicles
  • Plain Clothes Bodyguards
  • High Profile Bodyguards
  • Route Planning
  • Reaction Support

Reaction/Strike Force


STRIKE FORCE: The Uniqueness of our Reaction Teams / Strike Control is well respected in the industry and has handled strike actions at various institutions across South Africa. It is worth noting that Stryker has secured the Inner Circle (Management) at major Industrial Strikes working hard to protect human lives and property.

ARMED REACTION TEAMS: We provide 24 hour armed reaction services for companies, factories, complexes and individual homes. Our officers are highly skilled and trained professionals who can deal with a host of situations from intrusions, mass crowd dispersals and robbery reactions.

  • All our officers attend regular firearm training.
  • Stryker officers are all accredited professionals.
  • Officers are trained in close combat and self defense.
  • Access close proximity reaction teams.
  • Stryker operates within the confines of the law.

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